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India is undergoing a fundamental economic and political transformation, accelerated by the advent of the Modi government in 2014. It continues to make considerable, albeit uneven, economic progress. Its annual GDP growth is likely to average above 7.5% over the next four years – surpassing China’s. India has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations globally for FDI and FII investments.

Multinationals and SMEs are entering the market at an expanding rate in recognition of the vast and growing middle class and of the bundle of segmented markets for a range of products and services. However, the sheer ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity matched nowhere on the globe makes India a complex environment in which to do business. An understanding of Federal, State and local issues – political, economic and social – and of the risks involved are vital for achieving business success in India.

Axessindia Offers….
We advise foreign enterprises wishing to enter the Indian market on local political and economic risks. The Consultancy has the capacity to draw upon contributions from a wide network of business, government, media and other sources with expertise in specific economic sectors. We offer:

  • Political risk assessments including Federal and State governments’ policies, implications of electoral changes in ruling political parties and their personnel, and Regional/Cultural/Social/Environmental issues having a political dimension
  • Economic risk assessments including operational financial aspects, current and prospective market developments, private equity access, labour and governance-related issues for doing business in India.
  • Assessment of regulatory, planning and legal risks in respect of new projects, and of local security and administrative environment.
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