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The Cultural Divide and Doing Business in India
The cultural divide between Western and Indian approaches to doing business is highly underestimated. The former’s stems from relatively homogeneous antecedents with common values. Indian practices reflect multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-caste society with strong regional identities. Their lateral system of values is entirely different from the Western linear counterpart. In India, Western business is faced with different approaches to hierarchy, work to deadlines, decision-making, personal hyper-sensitivity, humour, conflict resolution, problem-solving, etc. Indeed, there is evidence that Western business finds it more difficult to deal professionally with Indian business than with their Chinese counterparts.

  • The bottom line is that business advantage in India accrues to foreign enterprises, which have greater cultural intelligence than their competitors of Indian values. These are reflected in Indian professional and personal business practices and behaviour in the work place. Inter-cultural analysis is a vital tool for achieving this objective.

Axessindia Offers….
Axessindia has been conducting inter-cultural workshops for over ten years for Australian, European and Chinese enterprises doing or intending to do business in India. Our workshops:

  • Identify the major gaps between Western and Indian work cultures.
  • Provide insights into Indian civilisational values, which explain inter-personal and professional behaviour at the work place.
  • Cover professional strategies required to integrate foreign and Indian approach to the enterprise’s management eco-system.
  • Provide insights into Indian negotiating practices.
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