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Australia-India Economic Relations
Australia-India political and economic relations are rapidly strengthening underpinned by expanding bilateral trade and investment. {Refer this to Austrade} India is Australia’s fourth largest export market. The export menu comprises a wide range of resources, merchandise and services products.

  • Trade relations are dominated by energy resources. India’s economic priority is to achieve energy security. Australia is well positioned to partner India in this sector through exports of uranium, coal and gas; inviting energy related Indian investments; mining technology exchanges; and collaboration in renewable energy, particularly solar power.
  • The role of services is also growing. New prospects continue to emerge in sectors such as ICT, biotechnology, tourism, health, film, banking and insurance. Education exports to India dominate services trade, accounting for the second largest source of international students studying in Australia.
  • Aerospace and Defence, Clean Technology, including in Water and Waste Management, Premium Food and Wines, and Dairy sectors represent a new ‘wave’ of emerging opportunities in bilateral trade and investment.
  • Investment is increasing in both directions. Indian investment in Australia is dominated by resource assets. Uranium mines offer a new, enticing opportunity. Australian investment in India covers manufacturing, telecommunications, hotels, minerals processing, food processing, oil and gas, and the automotive sector.

Axessindia Offers….
The Consultancy’s primary objective is to facilitate trade and investment between Australia and India underpinned by our in-depth on the ground experience in both countries. Our core competency is to advise SMEs in both countries which wish to enter the other’s market. We offer:

  • Political and economic risk analyses. In the economic sectors of interest to potential market entrants.
  • Market research on a particular macro or micro market segment of interest.
  • Identification of potential JV partners, distributors, etc., and conducting cultural and financial diligence.
  • Assessment of issues related to establishing a new project, including the legal, regulatory and administrative environment; labour skills, social issues (e.g. corruption) and security concerns.
  • Advice on cultural intelligence issues relevant to doing business in India.
Current Developtments
India-Australia trade records nearly 14% dropJanuary 27, 2016
Rinehart travels to India to throw the book at red tape in AustraliaJanuary 27, 2016

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