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Australia – India Business

Australia-India relations are underpinned by strong trade and investment ties. Business opportunities are multiplying in both directions. New growth sectors from clean energy to water management, wines to defence, to niche services are emerging. The Group has long standing expertise in promoting bilateral business.

Political & Economic Risk Analyses

The Group has in-depth experience of interpreting political, economic and social developments in India. It provides risk assessments concerning specific economic sectors of interest to foreign enterprises, which wish to enter the Indian market. We maintain a wide network of relevant business and other connections in the country.

India & Energy Security

Australia with its extensive fossil and fissile fuel resources is singularly well placed to contribute to India’s energy security. The Group has extensive background in this sector, particularly uranium, coal and solar power. It facilitates Indian M&A initiatives in Australian energy assets.

Cultural Intelligence

In the era of globalisation, cultural insights into the host market are a vital ingredient for transnational business success. Axessindia advises foreign entrants on cultural intelligence issues relevant to operating in India and to integrating their management approaches with Indian cultural values and practices.

Current Developtments

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India to build a strategic uranium reserveJanuary 27, 2016India & Energy Security
Govt eases FDI norms in 15 major sectorsJanuary 27, 2016Political & Economic Risk Analyses
India-Australia trade records nearly 14% dropJanuary 27, 2016Australia – India Business
Rinehart travels to India to throw the book at red tape in AustraliaJanuary 27, 2016Australia – India Business
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India to be world’s fastest growing economy by ’17: UK confederationJanuary 27, 2016Political & Economic Risk Analyses
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